Monday, March 4, 2013


Today, I just want a long shirt, black tie, long short, blue bowler hat and Lucy Pink Sky. SIMPLE !!!

 And that's my beloved enemy ever ever forever "Widya Affriani Putri" on that photos we look group band *my friends said*



Last week. Me and my friends pictures for the yearbook. I want to make the best photos. Finally, I get best picture. Thanks to my private photographer Afwadi Rahman

Since second grade in elementary school I was adept playing the violin.
And that is my friends. In this year, we broke up because we wanted to go to collage.

Friday, February 22, 2013


I feel so grown in this photos. I'm still young girl who won't older but in this photos I'm feel so sexy.

Just wear denim shirt, highwaist shortpants and moustache ring but I feel so sexy on this photo

Thanks for brown glasses from MEJIKU for the prize quiz from nyunyuCOM



I LOVE THIS POSTING ! In this posting i want share my favourite brand ever !

Lets start from the top. Neon headband from Naughty Store, Floral dress from my besties Ova as a my birthday gift, My triangle necklace from Tradional Market and I buy it a bargain price, Neon belt from Lima Cahaya Store, and my favourite shoes brand ever ! iwearUP , LUCY PINK SKY ! 

Its my favourite photos. And see you in another posting. In Indonesia now at 12pm, I had to go to bed because tomorrow have to go to school.


One day I met a photographer named Dea Ginanjar Mandala Putra. He was friendly and polite. Until finally he asked me to hunting, I agree. Saturday! Me, him and afwadi go somewhere we've planned, and in this post I will show the results of the images of Dea and Afwadi.

I'm just wear houndstooth cardigan, plain collar dress, double ring chain with black boots. Property from Afwadi, Olympus camera and Vespa from Dea

And thanks for Dea's vespa. It's so gorgeous !


It's my first posting about fashion.
I wear keep calm t-shirt, navy bowler hat from @twinbagandshoe , highwaist shortpants from Helda's Jeans, and neon cambridge satchel from @EustaceShop . I love online shopping, I do not have to go to the boutique to shop everything. Just open twitter and I can get everything I want and transfer money through atm and stuff would soon be home. SIMPLY !

Thanks for my private photographer Afwadi Rahman. He is always be there when i want take some photo.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Last year me and my family on holiday together to West Java, Bandung.
We go to shopping everydays.

Never tired to shop,and it all took place during the week we were on vacation there. 

A few days before returning to South Kalimantan, Banjarmasin. We enjoyed a food of West Java, Bandung. SIOMAY AND MANY MORE !!!!

must visited this place again !
And the last day of my vacation in Bandung, I visited the famous entertainment venues play in Bandung. Trans studio! I went alone, while the family was karoke at Trans Studio mall

THIS MY TIME TO HAVING FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally i must back to South Kalimantan, Banjarmasin. and focus to Nasional Exam

See you on my another vacation guys :*

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hi guys, this blog has been a long time I have but this is first time I post a first posting. My name is Annisa Agustin Suryani, but my primary school friend call me Anis, my junior high school friend call me Nisa, and my senior high school friend call me Caca. Whatever you want call me. Now I'm in 12th high school.

My life is about Family, Friends, Writing, Fashion, Fashion and Fashion. But I never complain about any mistakes just I feel themselves.

My family consists of my dad, mom and my little brother. I love them
My friends? I always laugh when I remember them, we have group. We call Otong's Generation. Otong's Generation consists of Neri , Rahma , Yuli ,  Nadya , Dody , Nina , Lisda , Tinus , Lisa and certainly me . We are bestfriends, never sad,cry,and always fill our days so happiness.
My hobby? Yes I like writing. I hope my first novel will be published.
FASHION? I LOVE IT !!! It's make me feel happy ! I can fit shirt with pants or a skirt and of course shoes and handbag. I don't like lines and polka-dot line pattern. I love dress and mini skirt ! I do not always wear branded clothes, most importantly I'm comfortable with that clothes and in this blog I will share and tell everything about me, a little girl who won't grow up. ENJOY THE SHOW !